Benefits of Outsourcing Billing to a Service that Specializes Only in Anesthesia

anesthesiologist holding equipment

If you have ever outsourced a service line at your facility, you know how convenient it is. Rather than trying to manage that service line in-house, leave it to the experts who can devote the time and attention it deserves. Today, many healthcare management companies are touting themselves as being a one-stop-shop for managing multiple service lines. While sometimes this makes sense, it is never wise to outsource your anesthesia services to a company that does not specialize in anesthesia.

Increase Your Revenue Through Our Expertise

Outsourcing anesthesia should lead to an increase in satisfaction and a decrease in costs. When your anesthesia department is being expertly managed, your operating room utilization will be optimized and inefficiencies will be reversed. These inefficiencies would likely go unnoticed by those unfamiliar with the nuances of anesthesia management. Additionally, it takes a tremendous amount of expertise to appropriately staff an anesthesia department in ways that support your bottom line. Choosing an anesthesia management company with a proven track record of decreasing costs for clients is important. 

Focus Carefully on Anesthesia Billing 

Put simply, anesthesia billing is different from traditional medical billing. The best way to keep anesthesia billing errors to a minimum, reduce the number of denied or rejected claims and maximize reimbursement is to choose an anesthesia-specific billing service—ideally offered through your anesthesia management provider. Our team keeps up with the latest anesthesia billing conversion factors and codes so our clients can direct their attention elsewhere. When poorly managed, anesthesia billing can become a notable revenue drain where errors are costly. 

Decrease Your Operating Costs  

Management groups that are not solely dedicated to anesthesia may be unaware of certain strategies to decrease operating costs. From big-ticket expenses like staff onboarding to areas where small successes can lead to significant savings like reducing drug wastage, anesthesia management specialists can help reduce costs. One of the most significant ways we help our clients decrease operating costs is by reducing staff turnover and temporary staffing expenses. Since groups who do not specialize in anesthesia are likely out-of-touch with compensation trends among anesthesia providers in your area, their turnover rates may be high. They may also lack the connection to a national network of anesthesia providers to recruit when openings do become available which necessitates the engagement of a pricey recruiter. These are only a few ways that an anesthesia-specific management service can decrease your operating costs.   

Spend Less Time Being Frustrated

Your anesthesia department should not be keeping you awake at night. When you choose an anesthesia management company you can trust, you can enjoy a renewed ability to spend your valuable time working toward other goals. Outsourcing all aspects of anesthesia management—from recruiting, staffing, human resources, billing, data management and more—can be a game-changer for hospital administrators. Rather than piecemealing individual elements of anesthesia management out to various services, choose one anesthesia management company you can trust to keep every plate spinning.  

Transitioning to CCI Anesthesia

Transitioning to CCI Anesthesia is a seamless process and you will quickly realize the benefits of engaging an anesthesia-specific management group. Our transition strategies are proven to result in no interruptions in your operating room schedule. For many administrators, outsourcing anesthesia to a group solely focused on anesthesia management is an ideal choice. 

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