Client Results

CCI Anesthesia reduces anesthesia costs by an average of $300,000 annually. One hospital saved an impressive $1.5 million in one year. Additionally, health systems, hospitals and surgery centers can be reassured knowing that we consistently meet our financial projections for our clients. When we combine patient-centric standardized care, better revenue capture and a more cost-effective staffing model, the end result is an improved bottom line for your organization.

anesthesiologist putting mask on patient during surgery

State-of-the-Art Regional Medical Center

Boosting the Bottom Line Through $1.5 Million in Anesthesia Savings.

Annual Surgical Cases
Labor and Delivery Cases
Cardiovascular Cases

When a regional medical center moved into a new, state-of-the-art $173 million facility, an opportunity existed to improve anesthesia operations, while also operating more efficiently from a cost standpoint. The Market CEO and other hospital leaders established a partnership with CCI Anesthesia, tasking the team to develop a new model that would add three new cardiac anesthesiologists, while simultaneously cutting costs within the department. CCI took a patient-centric standardized care approach in evaluating the hospital’s existing anesthesia management practices and protocols, and identified new systems to streamline productivity and improve staffing and scheduling standards. Through implementation of this new model, the regional medical center has documented more than $1.5 million in anesthesia savings, despite adding those three new providers and retaining its existing team of CRNA’s.


Providing Operating Room Coverage

Weeks for Full OR Coverage
Anesthesia Providers on Deck Daily

When a 131-bed hospital with approximately 7,000 surgical cases annually has only two to three anesthesia providers showing up to work each day, problems ensue. This was the case for an Indiana hospital whose anesthesia department needed rescuing. When their hospital administrator called CCI and asked how soon we could start, we had their ORs covered within two weeks. With six anesthesia providers on deck daily, their efficiency quickly increased along with patient and surgeon satisfaction.

Improving Anesthesia Provider Morale

Anesthesia Provider Retention
New Chief Positions Hired

Anesthesia provider recruitment and retention are challenges posed by the current market that many anesthesia groups are not equipped to meet. This was the case for a long-tenured anesthesia group at a 257-bed Level III trauma center in Indiana with approximately 27,000 surgical cases annually. When we were called by the hospital administrator, anesthesia provider morale was at an all-time low, and resignations were being received regularly. Before the problem worsened, CCI was able to retain more than 85% of the anesthesia providers and hire a new chief anesthesiologist and two new chief CRNAs. This heightened morale among all anesthesia providers and resulted in improved relations with the surgical staff.


Read What Hospital Leaders are Saying About Us!

“Years ago, our anesthesia group lacked leadership, structure, consistency and accountability. CCI Anesthesia addressed each issue and helped us implement solutions that have benefited our department long-term. Today, anesthesia is operated extremely efficiently at Northwestern Medical Center. We have the support we need from a group of anesthesia providers who are committed to doing it right. Physician satisfaction levels are much greater, as are clinical outcomes for our patients.”

Lowrey Sullivan, M.D., Chief Medical Officer  |  Northwestern Medical Center, St. Albans, Vermont

“Since day one, CCI Anesthesia has delivered on their promises and transformed the anesthesia department at Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center, into a stable high quality lead department. They have always been responsive and flexible to my needs as a cardiovascular surgeon as well as to the entire surgical department in my role as Chief of Surgery.”

Stanley Ziomek, M.D., Former Chief of Surgery and Cardiovascular Surgeon  |  Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center, Poplar Bluff, Missouri

“We see CCI Anesthesia as a very valuable extension of our team. They have helped us map out a long term strategy and plan, but are also available to us at a moment’s notice, any time of day, when a challenge or opportunity presents within our anesthesia department. They are trustworthy, reliable and truly experts when it comes to efficient anesthesia practice management.”

Peter A. Hofstetter, FACHE, Former Chief Executive Officer  |  Holy Cross Hospital, Taos, New Mexico

“Our hospital needed leadership and management within our anesthesia service line. We forged a partnership with CCI Anesthesia and everything fell into place once they were on board. Our efficiency and quality improved substantially. We were able to expand our anesthesia services and capabilities, leading to better pain management protocols, which in turn led to higher patient satisfaction scores.”

Mary Beth Barr, Former Chief Executive Officer  |  Grant Memorial Hospital, Petersburg, West Virginia

“CCI Anesthesia has helped our hospital improve the efficiency of our anesthesia department, while boosting quality and increasing staffing flexibility. Through working with CCI, our rural community hospital is providing a first-class, excellent quality anesthesia service that has earned respect and confidence from our physicians and staff.”

Brian Felici, Former Chief Executive Officer  |  Wetzel County Hospital, New Martinsville, WV

“Like most practitioners, I chose anesthesiology for the rewarding, intensive, patient interactions. However, in order to operate a practice, anesthesiologists often also have a large administrative burden. Quality management and billing, while essential, aren’t why we became physicians. Being a part of CCI Anesthesia allows us to keep our focus on doing great anesthesia. We do the work on the ground, knowing CCI is behind us taking care of everything else.”

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