Why Choose CCI Anesthesia

Choosing the right anesthesia management group for your facility is important to your surgeons, patients and bottom line. As an administrator, you should feel confident in the quality, experience and accountability of your anesthesia department. In today’s challenging healthcare environment, having an anesthesia department that is in tip-top shape with proven leaders at its helm is more important than ever before. If you are looking to optimize efficiencies, improve care quality and rest easier knowing your anesthesia department is covered, you should choose CCI Anesthesia.

anesthesiologist working on patients IV during surgery.

A New Perspective of Anesthesia Management

When it comes to anesthesia management, there are countless ways to maximize operational and cost efficiencies. At CCI Anesthesia, we think outside the box, and we apply our years of experience in anesthesia management to helping your facility perform better. Perhaps the staffing model of your current anesthesia group is hindering operating room efficiency, or maybe the group does not have a strong leader who is proactively working to co-manage the surgical services. Our team of experts will review your unique situation to identify any areas of needed improvement and develop an anesthesia service model that will quickly meet those needs. Ultimately, our customer-focused model will help drive operating room utilization and optimize the caseload in each operating room. As your partner, we will work hard to discover the best way to achieve your growth goals so that you can focus on other key areas of your organization.

What Makes CCI Anesthesia Different

Developing long-lasting personal relationships with clients is what we do best at CCI Anesthesia. Our C-suite does not have a revolving door and you will be able to reach your dedicated Regional Medical Officer, Regional Director of Operations and Chief of Anesthesia at their direct cell phone numbers. Communication with clients is paramount to our success, and we will keep you informed first of any changes or issues that may arise within the anesthesia department.

We maintain an open-book policy with our clients and are eager to help improve your bottom line. As a privately-owned company with no venture capital investors, we are able to devote one hundred percent of our attention to our clients—rather than shareholders. Our focus will be on helping you grow your surgical volume by implementing scalable staffing models to meet your evolving needs and ensuring your anesthesia providers are exceeding expectations in every way.

“The CCI staff are all delightful to work with. They quickly respond to any questions and are happy to help with anything that can improve our day-to-day practice. Anesthesiology is never simple, but CCI keeps the busy work out of our practice so we can put our energy into patient care.”

- CCI Anesthesia Provider

Partner With Us And Take Anesthesia Management Issues Off Your Plate

Our Unique Approach to Anesthesia Service

At CCI Anesthesia, we actively listen to the needs of our clients and build your anesthesia department around your unique requirements. Many anesthesia management groups apply a cookie-cutter service model to every department, and we realize that approach simply does not work. For our company to be successful, our clients have to be successful. This means we will work to understand your vision for an ideal service model, respond to your current challenges and share with you our concept for how we can implement the most efficient and cost-effective service model. Establishing customer-centric anesthesia services is our specialty. As our client, you will always be heard and respected.

Enhancing Your Peace of Mind

When transitioning your anesthesia management services to CCI Anesthesia, the transition process will be seamless. Our transition strategies are proven to be successful, resulting in no interruption in your operating room schedule. Your access to our national recruiting network means that you never have to worry about anesthesia coverage or endure long-term temporary staffing expenses, and our experienced anesthesia providers know how to improve your surgeon satisfaction rates and patient outcomes. Take anesthesia management issues off of your plate by partnering with us.

Contact us today 844.937.1810 for more information on why you should choose CCI Anesthesia as your anesthesia group. Our anesthesia business experts are eager to help you raise the bar on customer service while reducing costs.