Anesthesia Practice Management

As a comprehensive provider of anesthesia practice management services since 2004, CCI Anesthesia is a smart choice for hospitals and surgery centers looking to provide the highest quality anesthesia care to patients while increasing operational efficiencies. Next to patient safety, surgeon satisfaction is a top priority along with provider excellence and retention. When you choose CCI Anesthesia, you can rest easy knowing your anesthesia department is under control and on board with supporting your facility’s customer service and growth goals.

anesthesiologist working on patient during surgery

Our Proven Track Record of Success

CCI Anesthesia holds an impressive track record of success when it comes to reversing departmental inefficiencies and boosting quality and clinical outcomes. We are able to reduce anesthesia costs by an average of $300,000 annually for our clients. One of our clients has even saved an impressive $1.5 million in one year (even after adding three new cardiac anesthesiologists) due to our ability to staff their facility more efficiently and capture revenue better. None of this would be possible without our experienced team of anesthesia business leaders who understand what it takes to transform an anesthesia department.

Keeping Your Anesthesia Department Fully Staffed

Now more than ever, keeping an anesthesia department fully staffed is a major challenge for many groups. As a client of CCI Anesthesia, you will likely remain unphased by the national shortage of anesthesia providers thanks to our wide-ranging recruitment strategies and strong focus on provider retention. We offer extremely competitive compensation to our anesthesia providers along with clinical autonomy, professional administrative support, advancement opportunities and dedicated mentorship from our experienced Regional Medical Officers. Our vast network of experienced anesthesia providers spans the country and means you never have to worry about being forced to close an operating room due to an anesthesia staffing issue.

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Maximizing Your Reimbursement Potential

Are you leaving money on the table when it comes to anesthesia reimbursement? CCI Anesthesia clients have access to our billing team which specializes in anesthesia coding. This allows our clients to optimize their reimbursement potential by leveraging our billing, collections and accounts receivable procedures. Our anesthesia business experts will also provide a budget analysis of the anesthesia service, including revenue potential and cost projections. After combining savings from optimizing the anesthesia staffing model with the additional revenue captured from our billing services, the anesthesia department will be well on its way to becoming a valuable asset to your facility, rather than a drain on your budget.

Creating Value for Health Systems

At CCI Anesthesia, our value lies in the quality of our leaders and anesthesia providers. The impressive results from the business side of our practice speak for themselves, but it is also important to understand that the anesthesiologists and CRNAs on our team are second-to-none. Without the aid of venture capital, we have taken care of our patients—and our providers—since 2004.

Another way we create value for our clients is through implementation of customer-focused, standardized care initiatives that are based on national best practices and derived from Six Sigma and Lean principles. Our practice management teams monitor operational efficiency in real-time through our tablet-based EMR system while our clinical informatics team maintains a constant watch on quality metrics. The end result for our clients is reduced costs, increased efficiency, improved quality and better clinical outcomes across your health system, hospital or surgery center.

“CCI handled all the recruitment for two new, excellent anesthesiologists. They maintain a high standard for all practitioners. To keep our practice up to date, they worked with our hospital to bring in a new electronic anesthesia record, and, with it in place, we are now 100% compliant with all documentation.“

- CCI Anesthesia Provider

Transitioning to CCI Anesthesia

We are extremely experienced in transitioning anesthesia departments away from outdated management strategies and into a new era of excellence. Your dedicated Regional Medical Officer and Regional Director of Operations will be onsite routinely to ensure a smooth transition. Our systematic, yet customizable transition process has proven itself time and time again to keep surgeons satisfied while maintaining steady revenue streams. We also strive to retain as many existing anesthesia providers as possible and communicate frequently with facility leadership. With CCI Anesthesia, you are never out of the loop on how your anesthesia department is functioning.

Contact us today at 844.937.1810 for more information on our anesthesia management services or request a personalized proposal for your unique situation. Our anesthesia business experts are eager to help you improve the performance of the anesthesia service while reducing costs.