Our mission is to impart our providers with the most up-to-date practices and guidelines regarding accreditation, compliance, quality management and best practices in the ever-changing field of anesthesia.

Expanding the knowledge and skill set of our providers ensures they stay at the forefront of anesthesia and are able to provide the best care possible to the communities they serve.

In our busy practices, we can often lose sight of what is important to patient safety other than the direct delivery of anesthesia. The Institute for Excellence will share thoughts and recommendations that underscore the connection between key safety issues and anesthesia services. We sincerely hope that you will embrace this guidance to help improve the overall safe practice of anesthesia.

Chief Compliance Officer

Learn more about CCI Anesthesia's dedication to quality and compliance that benefits hospitals, providers and patients.

Institute's 360-Degree Program

The best practices are those with strong leaders. Our executive coaches are physicians and CRNAs providing a 360-Degree Program to help great clinicians become great leaders. Providing strong clinical leadership is our number one priority.

2023 Conferences


  • AANA Annual
    Aug 18-22, Seattle, WA


    Sept 8-10, Wheeling, WV
  • MANA
    Sept 29-Oct 1, Boyne Falls, MI


  • ASA
    Oct 13-17, San Francisco, CA
  • KANA
    Oct 14, Overland Park, KS
  • AANA Leadership
    Oct 19-22, Fort Lauderdale, FL


    Nov 3-5, Tucson, AZ
  • TXWes Simulation Symposium
    Nov 3-6, Fort Worth, TX
    Nov 4, Indianapolis, IN
    Nov 17-19, Portland, Oregon

CCI School Outreach Program

CCI embraces passion-infused clinical excellence. Education tied to clinical performance and service is our mantra. We approach each contract and every provider with the intention of supporting education while delivering world-class service to each facility.

Our school outreach program aims to build partnerships with educational institutions and provide support and resources that enhance their CRNA training programs. Our outreach program also allows us to connect with students and provide them with opportunities for growth through hands-on experience at our practice locations nationwide.

Regional Clinical Officer, Education