CCI expect collaboration.

Oftentimes hospitals feel stuck with an anesthesia group that is just okay. When transitioning to a new group is not an option but problems remain unsolved, consultative support may be a smart choice. Our consulting arrangements culminate in tailored, detailed plans and recommendations on how to improve key components of your anesthesia department. With our help, you can create a high-performing perioperative service out of your anesthesia department.

A Full Suite of Consulting Resources

Perhaps your anesthesia department is fully staffed most of the time—and maybe the providers are satisfactory. But are they really bringing value to your hospital or helping streamline OR operations and build surgical volume? If not, it may be time for an expert analysis or fresh perspective. Our consulting clients can take advantage of the full suite of resources we offer to help co-manage perioperative services:


  • Real-time reporting of best-in-class perioperative KPIs powered by Merlin
  • Consulting to streamline perioperative services by our partner Surgical Directions
  • Interim OR Director staffing to ensure seamless perioperative leadership transitions
  • Surgeon staffing and management through our sister company NexGen Surgical
  • Tablet-based anesthesia EMR to capture performance metrics powered by Medaxion
  • Quality management and compliance benchmarking by the CCI Institute of Excellence

How CCI Anesthesia Consulting Services Work

Our goal is to help your anesthesia department take the next critical step toward success. To begin any consulting arrangement, our experienced team will conduct an initial needs assessment and engage your leaders and other key stakeholders in a series of fact-finding interviews. Our research will inform a detailed report that will provide a critical analysis, present important data and suggest the best pathway toward the improvement of your anesthesia department. Depending on the unique needs of your department, our consulting arrangements may involve reviewing and improving:


  • Contract terms that include performance metrics for improved accountability
  • Strategies for conflict resolution between the hospital and anesthesia group
  • Budget analysis, including revenue potential and cost projections
  • Staffing model and call schedule options
  • Billing, collections and accounts receivable procedures
  • Fair market-value analysis for provider compensation
  • Chief and anesthesia-provider clinical qualifications
  • Anesthesia chief’s administrative responsibilities
  • Anesthesiologist/CRNA recruitment strategies
  • Management and scheduling of surgical cases
  • Productivity protocols for anesthesia services

Ultimately, our expert perspective may highlight areas where anesthesia costs can be reduced and revenue streams can be expanded. Even the slightest adjustments in your anesthesia staffing model, billing processes, compliance initiatives or operating room utilization can result in significant savings. Engaging CCI Anesthesia’s consulting team to explore new strategies and conduct unbiased examinations is a healthy exercise for even the most established organizations.

We Design Cost-Effective, Revenue-Enhancing Business Models

Implementing Your Plan for Success

Developing a great plan is only valuable if it can be effectively implemented. Our consulting clients are never abandoned after the fact-finding and planning phases. We specialize in putting wheels in motion toward brighter futures for anesthesia departments. Depending on your needs, we can be available for scheduled coaching calls or provide a boots-on-the-ground presence for certain initiatives. Our consultative services are completely customizable to meet your unique needs.

The Best Time to Start Improving is Now

We know how overwhelming it can be to challenge the status quo. It may seem as though there is never an ideal time to engage a consultant or step away from your day-to-day responsibilities. However, our consultative services often work best during busy seasons of change or growth—and you never have to abandon your routine responsibilities. As resourceful problem-solvers, we take an undisruptive, fly-on-the-wall approach to examining your needs and developing customized recommendations. Our experts are ready to help launch your anesthesia department toward becoming a valuable asset to your facility.

Our anesthesia consulting and management experts can help reduce your anesthesia costs and operate more efficiently. Call us today at 800.494.3948 to discuss.