Benefits of Working as an Independent Contractor Anesthesia Provider

Anesthesiologist checking IV

One of the main reasons why the anesthesia profession is so attractive is because of the flexibility it offers in terms of employment. Whether you want to work dayshift, nightshift, seven on/seven off or another type of schedule, being an anesthesia provider means you have options. You can also choose whether you would prefer to be a W2 employee or a 1099 independent contractor. Whether you are an anesthesiologist or CRNA, being a 1099 independent contractor is a lucrative arrangement. 

The Basics of Being a 1099 Anesthesia Provider

While W2 employees are salaried, have taxes withheld from their paychecks and may be eligible for benefits offered by their employers, 1099 independent contractors are paid for their time worked and taxes are not withheld from their wages. It is the responsibility of the independent contractor to pay their own taxes. For anesthesia providers, being an independent contractor typically means receiving above-market compensation and enjoying greater clinical autonomy. Independent contractors may also be eligible for certain tax deductions and write-offs. 

How Being a 1099 Impacts Your Clinical Autonomy

Anesthesia providers who practice as independent contractors must be highly skilled in the art and science of delivering high-quality anesthesia care. Independent anesthesia contractors often work in rural settings where they may even be working as sole providers. Being able to work with little-to-no oversight is an important aspect of being an independent anesthesia contractor, and you should enjoy working to the fullest scope of your licensure. 

Maintain More Control Over Your Income and Schedule

Financially savvy independent anesthesia contractors enjoy more control over their money management. A major perk of being a 1099 is the ability to make more aggressive tax deductions, deduct business expenses and save more for retirement. Independent anesthesia contractors are also able to have more control over their schedules since they are not salaried. Additionally, if you are looking for a position where you can work part-time or less than 40 hours per week, an independent contractor role is likely ideal. 

Administrative Aspects of Being a 1099 Anesthesia Contractor

If you have ever worked as an independent anesthesia contractor before, you may have felt as though you had little to no support administratively from whoever hired you. Although independent contractors are expected to be just that—independent—at CCI Anesthesia, we support our independent anesthesia contractors in numerous ways. Whether you have a question about clinical or administrative matters, you will receive timely and professional support. Our track record and low turnover rates prove we take excellent care of our anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists. 

Leadership and Mentorship Opportunities as an Independent Contractor

A common misconception about being a 1099 anesthesia contractor is that there is no opportunity for career advancement. At CCI Anesthesia, this is simply not the case. Our Regional Medical Officers and Chiefs of Anesthesia are a constant source of mentorship for our anesthesiologists and CRNAs and they routinely offer special training opportunities to our independent contractors who want to broaden their skillsets. We strive to always support the clinical autonomy of our providers and challenge everyone to learn and become proficient in delivering the newest, safest forms of anesthesia care.

Focus on Your Practice by Joining CCI Anesthesia

Joining CCI Anesthesia means that you can focus on what matters most—your patients. Our administrative support is unparalleled and our practice management leaders assigned to your facility will take care of any issues that may arise from administration. Our goal is to keep you free from distractions and enjoying your time away from practice to the fullest. As a member of the CCI Anesthesia family, you will have a direct point of contact in our office to assist you with any pertinent matters. 

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