CCI Leadership Team

Nancy Whitson


Regional Clinical Officer

Governmental Affairs

Nancy Whitson has joined CCI Anesthesia as a Regional Clinical Officer.

Nancy has practiced anesthesia in Kansas as a CRNA since 2002. One of her placements was with CCI as the Chief Anesthetist at Western Plains Regional Medical Center in Dodge City, KS, from 2012 through 2019. In her role with CCI, she will continue to be a working CRNA, even as she collaborates with healthcare facilities and anesthesia providers.

Nancy had recently finished 17 years of service with the Kansas Association of Nurse Anesthetists, serving as KANA’s President from 2008-2009. Her work with the association has allowed her to collaborate with hospitals, anesthetists, and professional associations across Kansas.

She has also been active in the political process on the state and federal levels. Nancy has worked with many legislators as an advocate for the anesthesia profession, especially the support of Kansas Nurse Anesthetists and their right to practice independently.

Nancy is looking forward to continuing her connection to anesthetists and student anesthetists and will be happy to help them start or enhance their careers as part of the CCI team.