Anesthesia Management Skills for Small to Medium-Sized Groups

The best anesthesia providers are highly skilled not only in the delivery of high-quality anesthesia care, but also in using emotional intelligence to foster a culture of shared success. Even though in many ways anesthesia providers work independently, they also serve as essential members of several teams. Anesthesia providers who are empowered and capable of making decisions that will positively impact the practice are invaluable team members for small to medium-sized groups.

A Peek Inside the Minds of Anesthesia Providers

Anesthesiology practitioners tend to be highly intelligent, self-aware individuals who are able to think critically on an everyday basis. They tend to be “Type A” personalities who are organized and always one step ahead of any problems that may arise. At CCI Anesthesia, we value these attributes and instill a sense of responsibility in our providers to make wise clinical decisions as well as smart business decisions. Our team members are given unlimited access to our management team of business leaders and HR professionals to help hone their people-management and teamwork skills. We know how important it is for members of the anesthesia department to collaborate with other healthcare professionals in order to provide the best care for patients which is why we only hire top-tier anesthesiologists and CRNAs.   

The Importance of High-Performance Emotional Intelligence 

Any facility with high performing surgeons and a busy operating room schedule needs a high performing anesthesia management team to support these efforts. Inevitably, hard conversations must happen at some point, and your anesthesia providers need to be able to make difficult decisions. CCI Anesthesia providers are trusted members of our team who are always qualified to hold these conversations and make key decisions that will help improve efficiencies. They have a vested interest in your facility’s success and will make every effort to help build and manage a high performing team. 

Put an End to the Blame Game 

As an administrator, it is likely you are a sounding board for the complaints of a variety of departments. If you find yourself in a situation where anesthesia is routinely blamed for all sorts of inefficiencies, you may need to consider a change. The anesthesia providers on the CCI Anesthesia team have high emotional intelligence and have proven themselves as being able to work well with others. Having anesthesia providers on board who have excellent people skills, along with excellent clinical skills, goes a long way in putting an end to the constant blame game.  

Improve Patient Outcomes Through Coordination

Leadership and teamwork are essential for team performance, patient safety and patient outcomes in anesthesia and perioperative care. Particularly in unexpected, emergent or stressful situations, leadership skills and emotional intelligence are paramount to success. Effective communication in the operating room has been proven to result in fewer medical errors, and our providers are empowered to speak up. Anesthesia providers who are able to work at their fullest scope of practice while also possessing the skills required to lead a team through treacherous territory prove their value routinely when it comes to patient outcomes. 

Transition to Teamwork

Is it time to transition your anesthesia department away from finger-pointing, outdated management strategies and poor leadership? As a client of CCI Anesthesia, you will have a dedicated Regional Medical Officer and Regional Director of Operations who will be onsite routinely to ensure a smooth transition and empower your anesthesia providers to lead and make critical decisions. Our systematic, yet customizable transition process has proven itself time and time again to keep surgeons and operating room teams satisfied while maintaining steady revenue streams. With CCI Anesthesia, you have a dedicated teammate who is always working to help you achieve your goals.  

Contact us today at 800.494.3948 for more information on our anesthesia management services or request a personalized proposal for your unique situation. Our anesthesia business experts are eager to help you improve the performance of your surgical team.