The Power of Autonomy and Teamwork in Anesthesia Care

In the world of healthcare, autonomy and teamwork both play an essential role in the creation of successful, satisfying careers that stand the test of time. Autonomy allows care providers to utilize their expertise without the red tape of bureaucracy, while teamwork helps each provider use their colleagues’ knowledge to improve patient care. Autonomy in perioperative care improves retention, creates more efficient patient care and boosts provider satisfaction. 

Here, we’ll explore why balancing autonomy and teamwork in the operating room is a win-win situation.

Defining Autonomy and Teamwork in Anesthesia

Efficient and effective perioperative care allows providers to function as a team while maintaining autonomy in their areas of expertise. This means that CRNAs and anesthesiologists are trusted to use their knowledge to make decisions that are best for the patient while also relying on the unique skillset of each team member throughout the perioperative and operative processes. When the right balance of autonomy and teamwork is found, patients benefit from a confident team operating efficiently, and providers get the career satisfaction of making a difference.

The Impact of Autonomy on Anesthesia Professionals

An article published in International Anesthesiology Clinics in 2020 explained that when anesthesiology professionals have control over their work, their job-related stress levels are lower. CCI CRNA Joe McSherry appreciates CCI’s commitment to supporting autonomy in the workplace. 

“I love the people and the autonomy that CCI provides,” said McSherry. “As an anesthesia provider, having good people around you makes for better patient outcomes.”

The Role of Teamwork in Patient Outcomes

Anesthesia professionals are a vital component of an OR team. While autonomy in their field is necessary, communication and teamwork are vital to successful patient outcomes and job satisfaction. According to the American Hospital Association, a solid OR team can boost patient outcomes, improve efficiency, increase patient satisfaction, and prevent medical errors.

Balancing Autonomy with Team-Based Care

When anesthesia professionals are trusted to do their jobs without interference, they can fully focus on providing excellent patient care. This allows them to improve patient outcomes and better serve the rest of the perioperative team. Solid communication and mutual respect between disciplinary-diverse team members can help improve the flow of OR procedures while increasing career satisfaction. 

The Business Case for Autonomy and Teamwork

Top-level care providers have years of education and experience, allowing them to make decisions that can skyrocket patient outcomes. Anesthesia professionals are looking for organizations that trust them to do their jobs as a part of a talented, multi-disciplinary OR team. Most perioperative professionals want to put down roots at a hospital where they can be a part of a long-standing, positive team that makes a difference in their community.

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Today’s shortage of anesthesia professionals makes it more important than ever for organizations to focus on recruiting and retaining skilled professionals. Providing a balance of autonomy and teamwork can empower anesthesia professionals by allowing them to utilize their expertise to boost patient outcomes. When choosing your next role, be sure to consider whether you’ll be able to find the balance that allows you to thrive. 

At CCI Anesthesia, we’re proud to provide you with all the world-class resources you need to be your best while trusting you to utilize your education and experience to support a successful OR. Reach out to us today to learn more.