Anticipating and Avoiding Operating Room Errors

The success of any OR requires a solid commitment to teamwork from every member of the perioperative team. When we are asked to help streamline perioperative processes, we often discover a culture of blame-placing and resistance to change. Strong anesthesia leaders make a noticeable difference in establishing and running a solid perioperative infrastructure. The entire anesthesia department must work in conjunction with other important stakeholders to drive improvement. 

Being Prepared to Scale 

Considering that the ultimate goal of any efficiency improvement effort in the OR is to scale services safely and effectively, your anesthesia department must also be prepared to scale. Choosing an anesthesia practice management partner with the resources and flexibility to scale is essential. Anesthesia practice management companies often stretch themselves thin to win a contract and provide bare-minimum staffing. The best choice for your hospital is an anesthesia group that presents a detailed plan for both improving OR efficiency and scaling the anesthesia department concurrently. 

Our Approach to a More Efficient Operating Room

At CCI Anesthesia, we take a hands-on approach to improving OR efficiency. Our clinical providers play a huge tactical role while our administrative team takes an active role in providing in-person support and guidance to ensure success. Our approach to improving efficiency begins with getting to know perioperative leadership and examining pre-surgical testing processes. We also look at communication and coordination efforts between anesthesia and other departments. 

Anesthesia providers are encouraged to build strong relationships with surgical staff. At CCI Anesthesia, we make sure that our providers have strong interpersonal communication skills and are committed to doing more than providing anesthesia care to patients—they serve on hospital committees, participate in management efforts related to anesthesia and keep an eye out for areas that need improvement. Our administrative team provides our anesthesiologists and CRNAs with tools for success, including training programs, mentorship and quality assurance tools.

A Full Suite of Resources to Avoid Operating Room Inefficiencies 

Unlike most anesthesia practice management companies that focus solely on staffing an anesthesia department, CCI Anesthesia goes the extra mile. We are equipped to co-manage perioperative services in ways that result in expanded service lines, increased revenue and less waste. The resources we offer include: 

  • Real-time reporting of best-in-class perioperative KPIs powered by Merlin
  • Consulting to streamline perioperative services
  • Interim OR Director staffing to ensure seamless perioperative leadership transitions
  • Surgeon staffing and management through our sister company NexGen Surgical 
  • Tablet-based anesthesia EMR to capture performance metrics powered by Medaxion
  • Quality management and compliance benchmarking provided by the CCI Institute of Excellence

Additionally, taking a close look at your anesthesia staffing model can result in huge savings. We want to ensure that your operating rooms have consistent staffing to provide coverage and allow for the expansion of services. We also want to work with you to choose the right staffing model that enhances revenue while ensuring the right mix of anesthesia providers. These efforts, combined with our strong billing processes and procedures, can significantly impact your bottom line. 

Choosing CCI Anesthesia

Your anesthesia practice management company should be willing to roll up its sleeves and help identify ways to improve your operating room efficiencies. They should also be forthcoming and transparent about anesthesia department financials. If your current anesthesia group is reluctant to share their books with you or seems uninterested in finding new ways to save on anesthesia-related costs, it may be time to consider a change. To learn more about how CCI Anesthesia can transform your perioperative services, call us at 800-494-3948.