Understanding the Best Medical Practice Management Structure for Your Hospital 

Deciding on the best medical practice management structure for your hospital is a daunting task. When it comes to anesthesia, deciding to manage the department in-house or outsource to an anesthesia management company can be difficult. If you decide to outsource, another myriad of decisions must then be made. We’re here to help make sense of the many outsourced practice management structures from which to choose and have you on your way to a smooth-running anesthesia department as quickly as possible. 

Types of Practice Management Structures 

Understanding who manages your anesthesia department at the local and corporate levels is vital. Will the practice be solely physician-owned? Will it be owned by a private equity-backed corporation? Will any of the owners be business experts? Investigate the management team behind the clinical anesthesia providers. Understanding their business structure will provide valuable insight into what you can expect from them as your anesthesia management provider. 

For example, an anesthesia management group comprising only physicians will have outstanding clinical expertise, but they may lack the business sense and experience to help your hospital improve revenue, increase collections and expand service lines. Alternatively, a big-box corporation funded by venture capitalists may have impressive business experience, but their focus on profits will overshadow a focus on clinical quality and patient care. Your hospital may be a mere number on their extensive list of clients. 

A privately owned management group with a good mix of business and clinical leaders is ideal. Growing patient demands, advanced technology, payer restraints and a shortage of anesthesia providers are regular challenges. Therefore, choosing this type of experienced company to handle the daily operations of clinical practice while also working behind the scenes to expand service lines will best support your bottom line. 

Finding the Right Privately Owned Anesthesia Practice Management Company 

As venture capitalists continue to invest in anesthesia management groups, and the trend of larger groups acquiring smaller ones progresses, it becomes harder to find privately owned groups. CCI Anesthesia remains a top choice for hospitals seeking privately held anesthesia management partners, especially those in rural areas. As a partner to our clients, we work diligently to identify the best ways to achieve our clients’ growth goals, freeing up administrators to focus on other key areas of their organization. Our goal is to enhance peace of mind by offering a seamless transition process without interrupting operating room schedules. Since we are a privately owned company with no venture capital investors, we can devote one hundred percent of our attention to our clients—rather than shareholders. 

How Anesthesia Management Supports Your Entire Perioperative Service Line 

Oftentimes, anesthesia practice management companies focus solely on the anesthesia department, disregarding the rest of your perioperative service line. At CCI, we see tremendous value in helping to co-manage our clients’ entire perioperative service lines through the full suite of resources we offer, including: 

  • Real-time reporting of best-in-class perioperative KPIs powered by Merlin
  • Consulting to streamline perioperative services
  • Interim OR Director staffing to ensure seamless perioperative leadership transitions
  • Surgeon staffing and management through our sister company NexGen Surgical 
  • Tablet-based anesthesia EMR to capture performance metrics powered by Medaxion
  • Quality management and compliance benchmarking by the CCI Institute of Excellence

These resources are best in class and provide our clients with the tools they need to scale operations safely and efficiently. If you are ready for a privately owned anesthesia management partner who can help create a high-performing perioperative service, contact us today at 800-494-3948.