How Anesthesia Providers Can Help Improve OR Performance

Anesthesia providers are seldom credited for their important roles in improving operating room performance. At CCI Anesthesia, we know how valuable anesthesia providers are from a dual perspective that looks at both efficiency and patient care. Our providers do more than simply provide high quality anesthesia care—they are trusted teammates who work hard to support a facility’s performance goals.  

A Dual Focus on Patient Care and Efficiency

An anesthesia provider must be highly intelligent, able to think and act quickly under pressure and have a team-oriented mindset of sharing successes. We reject the notion that an anesthesia provider’s contributions to a surgical team are limited to anesthesia care. We hire top-tier anesthesiologists and CRNAs because our clinicians are empowered to serve as leaders who are accountable to their patients as well as surgical teammates and administrators. Surgeons can count on our providers to support on-time starts and efficient turnovers. Administrators can count on our providers to follow standardized processes and notify them when something is ineffective. Patients can count on our providers to keep them safe and sound before, during and after surgery. 

Developing a Culture of Coordination

CCI Anesthesia prides itself on maintaining long-term partnerships with all of our hospitals and surgery centers which offers job stability to our clinicians. We recruit anesthesiologists and CRNAs with independent skill sets and diverse clinical backgrounds. In fact, more than half of our providers are military veterans. These recruiting strategies, coupled with our low staff turnover rates, mean our providers are well-positioned to achieve long-lasting positive changes in their work environments. Our CRNAs and anesthesiologists help hospital leadership by improving OR effectiveness and coordinating regularly with other departments. This fosters a culture of inclusivity and reduces risks of over-stress and burnout among staff.  

Anesthesia providers are supported by CCI Anesthesia to serve on hospital committees or in other leadership roles that allow them to help improve operational efficiencies. We regularly coordinate with nursing and administrative staff to ensure that everyone is on the same page. When teams work well together, everyone’s job is easier. This is why we offer mentorship opportunities to our boots-on-the-ground anesthesia providers through the CCI Leadership Institute. 

Leadership and Management Training Opportunities 

CCI Anesthesia is proud to offer leadership and management advancement opportunities for our anesthesia providers. As part of this leadership training, providers learn how to improve OR performance through teamwork. Additionally, our clinical leaders have access to professional mentoring and coaching services. Every year, we host the CCI Leadership Institute, an event for anyone who is a Chief of Anesthesia. This annual meeting provides a platform for our leaders from across the country to collaborate, share ideas and discuss effective management techniques. Attendees then take information back to their respective anesthesia departments to empower each and every provider to take on important roles in improving OR effectiveness.  

Make the Most of Being an Anesthesia Care Provider

Being an anesthesiologist or CRNA is anything but mundane, but sometimes anesthesia providers are in environments where they are not challenged to work to their fullest potentials. Working with CCI Anesthesia as a clinician means that you are not only responsible to your patients, but also to administration. You take on the facility’s goals as your own and you work hard to spot inefficiencies and develop plans to reverse them.

If you are an anesthesiologist or CRNA looking for leadership opportunities, contact us today for more information on joining CCI Anesthesia. We are actively recruiting anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists at hospitals and surgery centers across the country. Whether you are interested in a leadership role or part-time work, we may have the job you are looking for. View our open job opportunities today or contact us to schedule an appointment to talk with one of our recruiters.