Frequently Asked Questions on Anesthesiology Management

At CCI Anesthesia, our goal is to pull back the curtain on anesthesia practice management and provide transparency for our clients. When talking with prospective clients we hear many questions about transitioning to a new anesthesia practice management group, and we are always happy to answer them. Maximizing operational and cost efficiencies for hospitals and surgery centers while enhancing patient care is our passion. Here are some of the most common questions we receive related to anesthesiology management:

How Will Patient Care be Affected?

Patient care is the most crucial element of choosing an anesthesia practice management group. First, discuss whether existing anesthesia staff can or should be retained by the new group. If new anesthesia providers are brought in, their skillsets should meet and exceed the needs of your facility and patient population. Providers who are experienced in working independently at the fullest scope of their licensure are typically well-suited for any surgical environment. By attracting these types of providers to our team, CCI Anesthesia can support superior patient care.

How Will Anesthesia Billing Change?

Every anesthesia practice management group handles anesthesia billing differently, but at CCI Anesthesia, we are able to save our clients’ money (and hassle) by handling their anesthesia billing entirely. Our team keeps up with the latest anesthesia billing conversion factors and codes so our clients can direct their attention elsewhere. As the traditional fee-for-service reimbursement model shifts to value-based care models, we help our clients be successful by having an in-depth understanding of how these models work. Staying on the forefront of anesthesia billing and compliance changes is essential.

Will My Revenue Cycle Be Affected?

We know how delicate revenue cycles can be. However, a well-executed transition to a new anesthesia practice management group results in no “dropped balls” or hiccups. In fact, a transition to CCI Anesthesia may result in an improved revenue cycle for your facility. Since our experts can identify inefficiencies that may have previously gone unnoticed, revenue streams can certainly be enhanced. 

What about the Nationwide Anesthesia Provider Shortage?

For many anesthesia practice management groups, staffing is their greatest challenge. In the current climate, anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists are routinely overworked and perpetually looking for positions that offer a better work-life balance. CCI Anesthesia can offer the flexibility anesthesia providers desire at the compensation levels they deserve. Our recruiters are experienced in filling positions at every type of facility in a variety of geographic locations. Keeping anesthesia departments fully staffed for our clients is one of our topmost priorities.

What to Expect When Transitioning to CCI Anesthesia 

Our specialty is transitioning anesthesia departments away from outdated management strategies and into new eras of excellence. As our client, you will have a dedicated CCI Anesthesia regional medical officer and regional director of operations who will be on-site routinely to ensure a smooth transition. Our systematic yet customizable transition process has proven itself repeatedly to keep surgeons satisfied while maintaining steady revenue streams. Depending on your needs, we can also work to retain as many existing anesthesia providers as possible and communicate frequently with you and other facility leaders. With CCI Anesthesia, you are outsourcing your anesthesia department to proven experts who know how to stay on time and on budget without sacrificing quality.

Have more questions about anesthesiology management? Contact us today at 800.494.3948 to speak with one of our anesthesia business experts who will be happy to answer any questions.