Overcoming Common Anesthesia Staffing Issues

Anesthesia staffing is an ongoing challenge for anesthesia departments across the country. Because there is a significant anesthesia provider shortage, recruiting must be a full-time initiative to keep departments fully staffed. As a seasoned anesthesia management company with a track record of keeping our clients staffed with high-performing anesthesia providers, we have learned how to overcome common anesthesia staffing issues. Reducing turnover, offering flexibility, preventing burnout and remaining steadfast to our values are key contributors to our successes. 

Understanding the Client’s Needs First

Before expending time and resources on recruiting efforts, we always take a step back to examine the needs and goals of the client. The specific needs of the practice are always top of mind when we plan a recruitment approach. For example, the amount of flexibility we can offer providers (call requirements or salary, for example) will depend on the facility’s needs. Additionally, perhaps a change in the staffing model would negate the need to recruit at all. Thinking critically about providing a customized solution that is uniquely tailored to the needs of our clients is always our first step in working to overcome anesthesia staffing issues. 

Conduct Thorough Market Research Before Recruiting 

The size and location of an anesthesia practice influence many specific workforce challenges. Geography matters when it comes to recruiting anesthesia providers, and as a rule, salaries are generally higher in rural areas than in urban metropolises. Determining what other similarly sized facilities in similar geographic locations are paying providers is important in our market research. We also conduct research among existing anesthesia providers; for example, we ask whether they are overworked, experiencing burnout or willing to share other feedback. Knowing where your existing team stands is an essential element of devising a recruiting plan.

How We Find the Right CRNAs and Anesthesiologists for Our Clients

At CCI Anesthesia, our hiring standards are high. Rather than hiring the first providers who are interested in the job, we take time to find the best of the best who share core values with the facility in which they will work. Since we maintain long-term partnerships with our hospitals and surgery centers, we attract anesthesia providers seeking job stability. Our anesthesiologists and CRNAs must possess independent skillsets and diverse clinical backgrounds. In fact, more than half of providers are military veterans. Our excellent reputation among anesthesia provider communities is our strongest recruiting asset—not to mention our team of full-time, professional recruiters. 

Focusing on Provider Retention to Prevent Turnover 

In today’s market, provider retention is equally important to recruiting and is paramount in avoiding staffing issues. Cultivating an environment that promotes employee retention is vital to the health and success of any practice. At CCI Anesthesia, we routinely incorporate policies offering support for work-life balance to prevent provider burnout. We also ensure our providers receive professional and timely administrative support and ample time away from practice. Allowing providers the opportunity to focus on patient care, rather than administrative burdens, is key. Our administrative support is unparalleled, and our practice management leaders assigned to each facility serve as liaisons to administration in an effort to keep our providers focused on patient care. This results in increased job satisfaction from providers, leading to enhanced retention rates.

Put Your Anesthesia Staffing Issues Behind You

Whether your anesthesia department struggles to stay fully staffed or you are experiencing other anesthesia-related issues, take anesthesia management struggles off your plate by partnering with CCI Anesthesia. Call us today at 800-494-3948 to start optimizing efficiencies and improving care. Start resting easier knowing your anesthesia department is fully covered.