Keys to a Smooth Anesthesia Management Transition

A common misperception among hospital or surgery center administrators is that transitioning to a new anesthesia management company is a long, painful process. While some transitions are certainly more difficult than others, the vast majority of transitions to CCI Anesthesia have been extremely smooth. As a comprehensive provider of anesthesia practice management services since 2004, we have learned several keys to a smooth transition that can be helpful to any facility looking for a change. 

Make a Plan and Set Goals

Given that you are looking for a change in anesthesia management, one can assume there may be a reason (or many reasons) for which you are seeking a transition. Together, with your fellow executives and surgeons, meet with your new anesthesia group to discuss goals and expectations. Your new group should take these goals into account when developing a transition plan and present back to you their strategy for achieving success. A smooth transition requires detailed planning and you will rest easier knowing your new anesthesia group has everything under control. 

Communicate Early and Often with Anesthesia Team Members

Your community of anesthesia providers are likely tightly knit and open with one another. Before rumors begin spreading about the transition, communicate early with your anesthesiologists and CRNAs and be truthful and transparent. Oftentimes a transition plan would include retaining many of the existing providers, so your providers should not be worried as long as the new group is reputable. 

Ensure Key Players Remain Highly Involved 

The medical director of your anesthesia department and chief CRNA should be extremely involved in your transition to a new anesthesia management company. Your CNO and OR director should also play an active role in the transition process. These are key players in the long-term success of your anesthesia department and their positive relationship with your new anesthesia management group is important. They should be included in all decision-making processes and their opinions should be highly valued.

Any Changes Should Remain Patient-Centric 

We get it—change is not always easy. However, over the course of our extensive experience in anesthesia management, we have learned that patient-centric changes are always for the best. Any opportunity for an improvement in patient outcomes should be pursued, even if it involves change. We strive to implement changes in an orderly and organized way that is acceptable to those affected. If you know your anesthesia department is overdue for implementing important changes, sometimes a transition to a new anesthesia group is the best prescription. 

Transitioning to CCI Anesthesia

We are extremely experienced in transitioning anesthesia departments away from outdated management strategies and into a new era of excellence. As our client, your dedicated CCI Regional Medical Officer and Regional Director of Operations will be on-site routinely to ensure a smooth transition. Our systematic, yet customizable transition process has proven itself time and time again to keep surgeons satisfied while maintaining steady revenue streams. We also strive to retain as many existing anesthesia providers as possible and communicate frequently with you and other facility leaders. With CCI Anesthesia, you are entrusting your anesthesia department transition to proven experts who know how to stay on time and on budget without sacrificing quality.   

Contact us today at 800.494.3948 for more information on what a transition to CCI Anesthesia would look like for your unique facility. If you know you are ready for change, request a personalized proposal to begin the transition process. Our anesthesia business experts are eager to help you improve the performance of your anesthesia services while reducing costs.