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In this episode of Unmasked, we examine the role of independent contractors in anesthesia as the team highlights the advantages of flexibility and autonomy. We discus how the independent contractor status affects income potential and job satisfaction, along with managing benefits and professional risks. The episode also explores the influence of technology and remote work on professional development and work-life balance. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the independent contractor model and its impact on building a successful career in anesthesia.

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In this episode the team discusses the impact of private equity on the anesthesia sector. They dig into the financial and operational effects of private equity investments in healthcare. The episode highlights the stability anesthesia services provide and examines both the benefits and challenges of private equity involvement, including changes in business models, risks of…
Unmasked dives into the world of anesthesia practice improvement, quality enhancement, and the evolving landscape of healthcare. The team explores the changing landscape of work life balance for anesthesia clinicians with insights from industry experts. Join us as we dig into the strategies and trends shaping the future of anesthesia care.