CCI Leadership Team

Jeremiah Ashe


Regional Medical Officer

Dr. Jeremiah Ashe, a seasoned clinical anesthesiologist with over eight years of experience, has held key leadership positions, including Chief Anesthesiologist and Medical Staff President. He completed his RUSH University Medical Center internship and pursued residency at Indiana University School of Medicine. Currently serving as the Medical Director of Anesthesia at Marion Health in Marion, Indiana, Dr. Ashe oversees anesthesia services, ensuring top-tier patient care. His influence extends as the Regional Medical Officer responsible for multiple hospitals and surgery centers across Indiana and Ohio. Dr. Ashe is recognized for his clinical prowess, leadership abilities, and dedication to advancing healthcare practices. In his multifaceted role, he not only shapes the future of anesthesiology but also contributes to the development of best practices, setting a standard for excellence in the medical community.