Why Work at a Community Hospital?

Community hospitals are among the most rewarding environments in which CRNAs and anesthesiologists can work. Whether you are interested in having more clinical autonomy, serving underserved populations, advancing your leadership experience or simply looking for more time away from practice, transitioning to the community hospital setting can be beneficial. CCI Anesthesia works with community hospitals across the country that need highly skilled anesthesiologists and CRNAs. 

What to Expect at a Community Hospital

When working in anesthesia care at a community hospital, your work and decisions make a significant impact on patient care and the hospital’s success. Oftentimes, anesthesia providers are expected to be proficient and comfortable practicing solo. Even though anesthesia providers in rural settings sometimes work long hours and may be required to take call, there is ample time away from practice to relax and unwind. 

At a community hospital, anesthesiologists and CRNAs can expect to form strong working relationships with other operating room team members with whom they will work daily. This comradery is difficult to achieve at large health centers. Additionally, anesthesia providers can provide a higher level of patient care at community hospitals where specialists can be scarce. Even though there tend to be more responsibilities for anesthesia providers at community hospitals, there are also incredible rewards. 

Your Clinical Autonomy in Community Hospitals

Working in a community hospital can be a career highlight for any anesthesiologist or CRNA. The variety of surgical case types alone will keep any provider on their toes. Spinals, blocks and epidurals are also routine procedures for community hospital anesthesia providers. Being able to care for patients across the entire perioperative continuum is a rewarding experience and allows for the delivery of more personalized anesthesia care. Skills matter tremendously in the community hospital setting, and as an anesthesia provider in this arena, your services are in high demand. 

Benefits of Working in a Community Hospital  

When working at a community hospital with CCI Anesthesia, you can expect:

  • Clinical autonomy in your anesthesia practice
  • Competitive, above-market compensation as an independent contractor
  • Ample time away from practice
  • Professional and timely administrative support
  • Leadership and mentoring from our experienced Regional Medical Officers and Chiefs of Anesthesia
  • Advancement opportunities in hospital practice leadership.

We even offer positions at community hospitals that are Monday through Friday schedules with absolutely no call. Most of our anesthesia providers working at community hospitals are able to enjoy at least ten weeks off annually. Financially, working in rural areas is doubly beneficial as compensation tends to be higher than national averages while cost of living is significantly lower than national averages. 

Are You a Good Fit for the Community Hospital Setting? 

Anesthesiologists and CRNAs who value respect, clinical autonomy and professional mentorship are ideal candidates for working at community hospitals with CCI. Anesthesia providers who are interested in honing their regional anesthesia skills are particularly well-suited for the community hospital setting. Confidence, strong work ethic and an affinity for providing total patient care are prime qualities that should be embodied by anyone working in a rural setting. 

Job Stability and Satisfaction at Community Hospitals  

CCI prides itself on maintaining long-term partnerships with all of our hospitals to offer the job stability CRNAs and anesthesiologists desire. We have also remained a privately-owned group since 2004 with no venture capital investors pressing for wider margins, which means we are able to generously invest in our greatest resource—our providers. Our track record and low turnover rates prove we take excellent care of our anesthesia providers. Our goal is for the job you take with us to be the last one you take.

We are actively recruiting CRNAs to work in hospitals and surgery centers across the country. Whether you are interested in a full-time or part-time position, we may have the job you are looking for. View our open job opportunities today or contact us to schedule an appointment to talk with one of our recruiters.