Combining Local Expertise with Broad Resources in Anesthesia Practice

The field of healthcare requires a multidisciplinary approach to create improved patient outcomes. At CCI Anesthesia, we believe in blending local anesthesia expertise with the resources of a larger healthcare organization, reassuring patients that they’re getting world-class resources from local providers whom they know and trust. Patients aren’t the only winners with this approach; medical professionals who provide local services while working in a larger healthcare organization benefit from the latest anesthesia research, comfortable patients, and improved patient outcomes.

Here, we’ll explore why combining local expertise with anesthesia resources provided by a larger healthcare organization makes sense. 

The Value of Local Expertise in Anesthesia

Local anesthesia providers can help patients feel comfortable, calm, and understood. In a healthcare setting, local care providers can help patients experience a sense of familiarity in what is otherwise a new, potentially anxiety-inducing situation. By understanding patient demographics and regional health challenges, local care providers can provide highly specific care that meets the needs of patients in their community. Working with a care provider who is an active member of the local community can help patients relax and trust that their anesthesia care is in good hands. 

Advantages of Access to Broad Resources

At CCI Anesthesia, we know what it takes to provide our anesthesia professionals with the technology, education, and support they need to serve their patients. Our team utilizes critical performance indicators to continually learn how to best support our care providers. With 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to support the best talent in the field, allowing our anesthesia professionals to benefit from a large healthcare organization while still working in smaller, local communities and providing excellent patient care.

Local Expertise and Broad Resources

Combining the expertise of local care providers with the resources of a large healthcare organization fosters higher provider satisfaction, improved patient outcomes, and a boost in the efficiency of each anesthesia practice we staff. At CCI, we know that anesthesia professionals have a stressful job and that patients are often apprehensive about receiving anesthesia. By pairing local experts with continuous education and high-level resources, we’re able to create excellent anesthesia experiences for all parties.

Supporting Providers Through Combined Approaches

Medicine is constantly evolving, and at CCI Anesthesia, we believe in providing our anesthesia care providers with the most up-to-date, research-based training available. This training improves patient outcomes and allows our providers to act confidently, knowing they provide their patients with the safest, most effective anesthesia processes possible.

“I love the support and collaboration that CCI gives,” said CCI Chief Anesthesiologist Katie Montagne on the organization’s approach to supporting providers. “They are just the right amount of ‘hands-on,’ giving us the tools to manage autonomously while still keeping a pulse on the department from afar.” 

Enhanced Patient Care and Safety

Real-life examples, hypothetical scenarios, a safety-first focus, and research-based best practices all serve as pillars of our approach to anesthesia. Our care providers have hard-earned confidence in their expertise, as well as a connection with the local community that puts patients at ease.

Overcoming Challenges with a Hybrid Model

At CCI Anesthesia, we understand that developing a new approach to anesthesia staffing and management can take time. We’ll be with you every step of the way. It’s our job to make your job easier. We’re here to take the stress out of perioperative service management. We’re a privately owned company, so we’re here to serve you—not to serve investors.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with CCI Anesthesia

When local anesthesia experts team up with organizations providing training, education, and support, patients and providers win. At CCI, we’re proud to offer a collaborative, research-rich environment that allows anesthesia providers to enjoy satisfying careers. Contact us today to learn more about furthering your career as an anesthesia professional with CCI Anesthesia.