Boost Your Career Fulfillment by Choosing a Community Hospital

Working at a small community hospital can be highly rewarding for healthcare providers. Care providers get to know one another well and form strong teams that work to deliver excellent patient outcomes. Working in a smaller healthcare setting also allows providers to get to know their patients on and off the clock by being active members of the community, thereby reducing the anxiety patients feel when seeking care. 

Here, we’ll explore why working in a smaller hospital can boost career satisfaction, enhance your work-life balance and allow you to impact community health. 

Community Integration Experiences

At CCI Anesthesia, we believe in integration with local communities, allowing our care providers to get to know their patients. This allows our care providers to experience higher job satisfaction while increasing patient trust and comfort. 

Our providers have shared countless stories about how simple and relaxing the transition was while settling into their new homes. From coaching Little League baseball to getting involved in religious communities, our practitioners have generally found their new communities welcoming and excited to usher their expertise into local healthcare systems.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is vital when it comes to job satisfaction. At CCI, we’re proud to create an environment that lets our anesthesia professionals thrive. While depression and burnout are common among healthcare professionals, our increased flexibility, higher pay and increased career control all support the mental health of our care providers. 

When you work in a smaller community hospital, you have increased clinical autonomy and a flexible schedule that allows you to spend more time away from your practice than you would in a larger, urban hospital. 

Dr. Charlie Cochran, CCI Chief Anesthesiologist at Union Hospital in Terre Haute, Indiana, appreciates that he gets to combine the resources of a large company with the comfort of working with a small team. 

“While CCI has the resources of a major national anesthesia company, their leadership is easily accessible and allows our own local team to manage the day-to-day anesthesia program for our individual practice,” says Dr. Cochran.

Our long-standing partnerships with community hospitals allow you to enjoy job stability while providing opportunities to move into healthcare management. CCI Anesthesia provides the best of both worlds—the small, close-knit feel of a local hospital with our team’s world-class research and education.

The Greater Impact on Community Health

When you choose to serve the population of a small town as a CRNA or anesthesiologist, you’re making a direct contribution where it’s needed most. Smaller hospitals often struggle with staffing perioperative and operative teams. When you choose to work with CCI Anesthesia, you’ll know you’re making a positive impact where needed most.

Building Professional and Personal Relationships

Working at a smaller hospital fosters relationships that advance your career and community impact. Close-knit professional teams can open the door to new opportunities, and getting to know your patients can help build trust that can create a lasting positive difference both at your hospital and within your town. 

Lifestyle Changes and Benefits

When you move to a small town, you’ll likely find that connection is naturally more manageable. You’ll get to know your neighbors and coworkers, and finding someone to lend a hand when you’re in need is never difficult. A smaller town’s quiet, slower pace can provide the space you need to unwind after a day of serving your community.

​​Advance Your Career Where It Truly Matters

Working in a small town provides a sense of community and the knowledge that you’re making a difference. We’re proud to offer fulfilling career opportunities that allow our care providers to thrive professionally and personally. If you’re a CRNA or anesthesiologist ready to start a career in a close-knit community, we’d love to talk to you. Reach out to CCI Anesthesia today to learn more.