Tips for Finding Your Next Anesthesiologist or CRNA Job

Across the country and around the world, anesthesiologists and CRNAs are in high demand. This means there is no shortage of job openings for anesthesia providers, but how do you know if your offer is competitive and transparent? Fine print, job stability, clinical autonomy and teaching expectations are merely a few considerations you must take into account when weighing anesthesiologist or CRNA job options. 

We’re here to help anesthesia providers find their most ideal jobs. By knowing what questions to ask, how to best represent yourself in your interview and on your resume and the red flags to look for in your contract, you will feel confident in accepting your most lucrative job offer.  

Decide Which Job Factors are Most Important to You

The first step in finding your next anesthesiologist or CRNA job is deciding your non-negotiables. Are you willing to relocate? What is your minimum salary requirement? Are you open to taking call? Whether your answers to these and other similar questions are set-in-stone or negotiable, you need to declare your stance on them. For some anesthesia providers, clinical autonomy and work environment are top priorities. These are all factors to consider before you begin applying for jobs.

Research and Identify Potential Anesthesia Groups

Research the anesthesia groups providing services in the areas where you are interested in working. Ideally, you should reach out to anesthesia providers working within the group to ask how their experience as a teammate has been. You should also visit the websites of any potential anesthesia groups to learn more information about their values, leaders and available positions. The management style of the anesthesia group you work for can significantly influence your job satisfaction, so it is crucial to do your homework ahead of time before accepting a job. 

Polish Your Resume and Clean Up Social Media

As one of the highest paid practitioners in healthcare, your salary is a sizable investment for your employer. For this reason, you should be prepared for your potential employer to look carefully at your resume or CV, comb through your social media profiles and call your references. In addition to feeling confident in your clinical skillset, your employer wants reassurance that you are able to work well as part of a team. Each day you work in the operating room, you are a representative of their group—so it is important that you are a good fit. 

Be Prepared for Your Interview

Typically, your interview for an anesthesiologist or CRNA job will be more like a conversation than a job interview. It is an opportunity for the anesthesia group to understand who you are and learn about your goals, but more importantly, it is your chance to ask specific questions about aspects of the job that are important to you. In addition to learning about compensation and job requirements, you should also ask if there are leadership, research or teaching opportunities. Do not be afraid to write your list of questions down ahead of time to prevent you from forgetting to ask them during the interview. 

Negotiating Your Contract Terms

Carefully review your contract and ask questions about anything that seems concerning. Be clear on what your contract says about compensation, assigned hospitals, professional duties and general terms. Anything in your contract about malpractice or liability coverage terms and non-compete clauses should be carefully read and understood. If you have received multiple job offers, compare and contrast contracts and choose the one that feels fairest and most transparent.

What to Expect from CCI Anesthesia

CCI Anesthesia prides itself on maintaining long-term partnerships with all of our hospitals and surgery centers, offering the job stability you desire. We recruit anesthesiologists and CRNAs with independent skill sets and diverse clinical backgrounds. In fact, more than half of our providers are military veterans. We strive to always support the clinical autonomy of our providers and challenge everyone to learn and become proficient in delivering the newest, safest forms of anesthesia care. 

As a member of the CCI Anesthesia team, you can expect:

  • Clinical autonomy in your anesthesia practice
  • Competitive, above-market compensation as an independent contractor
  • Ample time away from practice
  • Professional and timely administrative support
  • Leadership and mentoring from our experienced Regional Medical Officers and Chiefs of Anesthesia
  • Advancement opportunities in hospital practice leadership

Leadership and Management Training Opportunities 

CCI Anesthesia is proud to offer leadership and management advancement opportunities for our anesthesia providers. We support our clinical leaders by offering professional mentoring and coaching services. Every year, we host the CCI Leadership Institute, an event for anyone who is a Chief of Anesthesia. This annual meeting provides a platform for our leaders from across the country to collaborate, share ideas and discuss effective management techniques. Whether you want to serve in leadership at a small rural hospital or at an academic medical center, CCI Anesthesia has excellent opportunities for your consideration, nationwide. 

Discover Anesthesiologist and CRNA Jobs at CCI Anesthesia

Joining CCI Anesthesia means that you can focus on what matters most—your patients. Our administrative support is unparalleled and our practice management leaders assigned to your facility will take care of any issues that may arise from administration. Our goal is to keep you free from distractions and enjoying your time away from practice to the fullest. As a member of the CCI Anesthesia family, you will have a direct point of contact in our office to assist you with any pertinent matters. 

Contact us today for more information on how to land your dream anesthesiologist or CRNA job. We are actively recruiting anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists at hospitals and surgery centers across the country. Whether you are interested in a leadership role or part-time work, we may have the job you are looking for. View our open job opportunities today or contact us to schedule an appointment to talk with one of our recruiters.