Anesthesia Management Consulting

Clinical Colleagues, Inc. (CCI) provides practice management support on a consultative basis to help healthcare organizations boost productivity and efficiency within their anesthesia departments. We have earned a national reputation for our ability to create alignment between anesthesia services and the financial and service goals of the health systems, hospitals and surgery centers we serve.

anesthesiologist working on machine during surgery

In collaboration with you, we design cost-effective, customer-focused business models, allowing your organization to transition its anesthesia department into a better revenue-producing service line that centers around optimized clinical quality and customer satisfaction.

Once an anesthesia consulting engagement is established, our experienced team will conduct an initial needs assessment and engage your leaders and other key stakeholders in a series of fact-finding interviews. From our research, we generate a detailed report, providing analysis, data and recommendations on the following key components of the client’s anesthesia department:

  • Contract terms that include performance metrics for improved accountability
  • Strategies for conflict resolution between the hospital and anesthesia group
  • Budget analysis, including revenue potential and cost projections
  • Staffing model and call schedule options
  • Billing, collections and accounts receivable procedures
  • Fair market value analysis for provider compensation
  • Chief and anesthesia provider clinical qualifications
  • Anesthesia Chief administrative responsibilities
  • Anesthesiologist/Anesthetist recruitment strategies
  • Management and scheduling of surgical cases
  • Productivity protocols for anesthesia services