Rural Realities for Anesthesia Care

The needs of rural hospitals are unique, and it takes a special anesthesia management company to meet those needs. An even rarer find is an anesthesia practice management partner that can also solve other problems that are unique to rural hospitals. Having worked with rural hospitals since 2004, CCI Anesthesia has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by rural hospitals and we have a proven track record of increasing revenue, building surgical volume and expanding service lines while keeping patients and surgeons happy.

Jumpstart Expanded Service Lines with Anesthesia

Rather than referring patients to larger hospitals for certain procedures, consider the fact that a high-performing anesthesia practice management partner can provide your facility with the ability to generate additional profit by expanding service lines and increasing surgical volume. Additionally, your anesthesia service should be custom fit to the unique needs of your surgeons and patients. A one-size-fits-all anesthesia service almost always results in paying for services or coverage that you don’t need, but our flexible offerings allow for complete customization.

Overcoming Challenges of Rural Healthcare

It’s easy to understand the challenges of rural hospitals. A study found that within rural counties, 55% of counties had no surgeons, 81% had no anesthesiologists and 58% had no CRNAs. CCI is prepared to overcome these challenges thanks to our ability to recruit experienced anesthesia providers who are highly skilled in practicing independently and our partnership with our sister company, NexGen Surgical, which solves surgeon staffing challenges. Whether your facility struggles with physician recruitment and retention, staying current on regulatory and reimbursement changes or working within your strict budget, we can help.

We Can Do More Than Keep Your Department Staffed

A fully staffed anesthesia department would be a dream come true for many rural hospitals. Not only can CCI Anesthesia keep rural anesthesia departments staffed but we also provide leadership and mentorship from our experienced Regional Medical Officers, Regional Clinical Officers and Chiefs of Anesthesia. Building collaborative relationships among surgeons, anesthesia providers and other members of the perioperative team is also among our specialties. We even offer interim OR Director staffing to ensure seamless perioperative leadership transitions. Another perk our rural administrators appreciate is our real-time reporting of best-in-class perioperative KPIs powered by Merlin to keep them in tune with quality metrics.

Consistent Care You Can Count On

We hear all too often from rural administrators that an anesthesia provider calling out sick or not showing up for work results in unplanned OR closures that wreak havoc. Regardless of the geographic location, timely and consistent care is important and saves lives. Since average or mediocre anesthesia providers do not make the cut at CCI Anesthesia, you can be assured that our providers are proficient in performing all types of anesthesia care at every level of patient acuity. Not only will this keep surgeons happy but your patients will be receiving the best quality care possible.

Transitioning to CCI Anesthesia

A common myth is that transitioning to a new anesthesia practice management partner is a lengthy, tedious process that may not result in any improvements or savings. CCI Anesthesia routinely debunks this myth on more than one account. We can implement services quickly, efficiently and without disruption to your surgical schedule. Additionally, our clients experience significant savings after transitioning to our services, especially when combined with services offered by our sister company, NexGen Surgical.

We’re available to start co-managing your perioperative services in ways that enhance value and build surgical volume quickly. Call us today at 800-494-3948 to learn more.