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Since 2004, we’ve exclusively focused on anesthesia practice management. Our customer-focused approach has been successful in hospitals and surgery centers across the country.

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We’re proud of the work that our anesthesia providers and practice management professionals have done for hospitals and surgery centers around the country. We value each partner and judge our performance by their satisfaction.
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Clinical Colleagues has helped our hospital improve the efficiency of our anesthesia department, while boosting quality and increasing staffing flexibility. Through working with CCI, our rural community hospital is providing a first-class, excellent quality anesthesia service that has earned respect and confidence from our physicians and staff.

Brian Fellici

Former Chief Executive Officer

Years ago, our anesthesia group lacked leadership, structure, consistency and accountability. Clinical Colleagues addressed each issue and helped us implement solutions that have benefited our department long-term. Today, anesthesia is operated extremely efficiently at Northwestern Medical Center. We have the support we need from a group of anesthesia providers who are committed to doing it right. Physician satisfaction levels are much greater, as are clinical outcomes for our patients.

Lowrey Sullivan, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Since day one, Clinical Colleagues has delivered on their promises and transformed the anesthesia department at Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center, into a stable high quality lead department. They have always been responsive and flexible to my needs as a cardiovascular surgeon as well as to the entire surgical department in my role as Chief of Surgery.

Stanley Ziomek, M.D.

Former Chief of Surgery & Cardiovascular Surgeon

Take the First Step toward a More Efficient and Customer-Focused Anesthesia Department

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By focusing exclusively on anesthesia practice management, we’ve developed proven, efficient methods for running a department. We hire at above market rates to attract the best and brightest providers to elevate your quality of care. We guarantee staffing coverage and grow with you so you can continue to increase surgical volume. We quickly reduce your costs by implementing a highly efficient staffing model. Choosing CCI has paid off for healthcare organizations around the country. It’s a choice that can make a world of difference for you too.

Anesthesia Practice Management Is Our Sole Focus. And We Do It Very Well.

Our team of practice management experts consistently overcome the financial and operational challenges that many healthcare organizations face. The results are efficient, patient-centric and stable anesthesia services in hospitals and surgery centers across the country.

Ready to Elevate Your Career? Join the CCI Team.

We are looking for talented anesthesiologists and CRNAs. Because we pay above-market rates, we attract top talent, providing you an opportunity to work on a team of high-achieving, caring individuals. Plus, since hospitals and surgery centers stay with us long-term, you’ll have stability.

Do a Job You Love with a Group That Appreciates You

We want high performers like you. And we attract top talent by offering clinical autonomy, competitive compensation, advancement opportunities and professional administrative support. We do our part so you can focus on doing what you do best. Join our team today.


Competitive compensation and great locations nationwide


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Clinical autonomy in a team
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group of doctors

Boosting the Bottom Line:
$1.5 Million in Anesthesia Savings

When a regional medical center moved into their new, state-of-the-art facility, CCI was tasked with improving anesthesia operations while cutting costs. A tall order. Our new model added three new cardiac anesthesiologists and retained the CRNAs. We implemented new processes that streamlined productivity and improved staffing coverage. The result: Over $1.5 million in anesthesia savings.

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