Data-Driven Anesthesia: What It Means for Community Hospitals

As a leader in the complex facets of anesthesia management, CCI Anesthesia integrates data-driven strategies to address the unique pain points experienced by community hospitals. Proven and flexible options in evidence-based anesthesia management ensure superior outcomes. 

Precision in Data Management

Effective anesthesia management relies on collecting, managing and analyzing key data that can then be translated into implementing the highest standards for care. Real-time reporting of perioperative key performance indicators (KPIs) that are best-in-class, compliance benchmarking and a tablet-based anesthesia EMR are just a few of the data management methods CCI Anesthesia uses to create high-performing service lines for its clients.

The Merlin System

CCI Anesthesia clients have access to the Merlin system, a web-based proprietary system developed so community hospitals can effectively and effortlessly measure priority KPIs. By providing clients with relevant data such as OR utilization, turnover times, surgical volume and first-case on-time starts, Merlin allows them to leverage their perioperative service data, analyze it and boost performance. 

Improving Clinical Quality

Without data, hospitals cannot identify trends while anticipating future challenges that allow them to implement relevant solutions. Access to a streamlined analytical system that captures key information is crucial to improving clinical outcomes now and in the future. 

Enhancing Patient Care

Delivering best-practice patient care starts with understanding each patient and their unique needs. With teams dedicated to specialties such as compliance, billing and practice management, CCI Anesthesia continually monitors charting accuracy and thoroughness, operational efficiency and quality metrics to ensure our clients—and their patients—benefit from increased quality, improved clinical outcomes and reduced costs.

Operational Efficiency

CCI Anesthesia offers a wide range of resources designed to manage its clients’ anesthesia practices comprehensively. The full suite of services provides tools that help community hospitals streamline operations, increase value and provide uniform coverage during leadership transitions. For example, surgical consultants provide efficient perioperative services, while NexGen Surgical, a sister company of CCI Anesthesia, staffs and manages surgeons.

Benchmarking and Performance Metrics

Data must be relevant and timely to benchmark against today’s industry standards properly. Only after being armed with performance metrics can community hospitals develop improvement models that result in anesthesia service excellence when implemented. Access to continuous real-time metrics and their accompanying data enables clients to facilitate a path to sustained improvement in patient outcomes, reimbursement potential, staffing levels, quality management and more. 

Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement

Each community hospital is different, so the service model for their anesthesia management services should reflect that reality. At CCI Anesthesia, clients won’t find one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, real-time and legacy data is captured, analyzed and conceptualized to deliver information-rich solutions that address current issues and future challenges. Practice changes and deliverables are continuously enhanced, refined and implemented. 

Future-Proofing Anesthesia Services

As Charles R. Trentham, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs for CCI Anesthesia, notes, “We have a true comprehensive quality program that encompasses compliance, clinical quality, MIPS measures, and, just as importantly, performance improvement. We understand that quality is an ever-changing target.” Using the resources CCI Anesthesia offers — and continuously develops — enables community hospitals to harness data and analytics to face future challenges while staying ahead of industry trends.

Learn how the resources provided by CCI Anesthesia can fuel every aspect of your hospital’s practice management by capturing key data and transforming it into evidence-based strategies by calling 844.965.1415 today.